The Company

Petrobras Transporte S.A. – Transpetro is, currently, a important fuel transportation and logistics company in Brazil. In addition, Transpetro acts in import and export operations of oil and oil by-products, gas and ethanol.



The best transportation and logistics company for clients in Brazil’s oil, gas and biofuels industry, creating value with safety, respect for people and the environment




Strategies Business:

Continue operating the logistics assets involved in Petrobras’ divestment plan, adding value to the business through logistics solutions with competitive service levels.

Provide the market with transportation and logistics solutions that are tailored to its most pressing needs through diversification, the active management of the service portfolio and operational excellence.

Develop culture and business skills for a competitive, multi-client, multi-modal environment to pursue innovative solutions.

Provide the market with logistics solutions for the upstream segment, focusing on the flow and support of offshore oil production.

Provide the market with services for pre-salt gas flow and operation of LNG terminals.

Cross sectoral:

Develop critical expertise and a high performance culture to meet the company’s latest challenges.

Bear a competitive and efficient cost and divestment structure, with a high standard of safety and respect for the environment.

Digitally transform the company through innovative solutions to challenges, delivering value and increasing security of operations.




Respect for life, people and the environment.

Ethics and transparency.

Market orientation.

Focus on results.

Resilience and trust

Behavior drivers



We are a Brazilian company working globally that operates about 14,000 kilometers of oil and gas pipelines, 47 strategically located terminals and over 50 ships in an integrated manner. We store and transport oil and its byproducts, ethanol, gas and biofuels, including import and export activities. We interconnect the different oil production regions, refineries, terminals and distribution bases and render transportation and logistics services to several distributors and the petrochemical industry.

Interligamos as diversas regiões produtoras de petróleo, refinarias, terminais e bases de distribuição e prestamos serviço de transporte e logística a diversas distribuidoras e à indústria petroquímica.

The company was created on June 12, 1998 and is currently structured under two business areas: Pipelines and Terminals. We operate abroad through Transpetro International BV (TI BV). Our facilities are located in all regions of Brazil, in 20 of the 27 states, both inland and on the coast. We have accumulated vast amounts of knowledge along this journey, constantly investing in the qualification of our employees. We operate in a safe and efficient manner with a strategic vision.

What we do

We store and transport oil and its byproducts, biofuels and natural gas to the most remote locations in Brazil. Each year, billions of liters of fuel travel through a network of 7,719 km of oil pipelines, 7,155 km of gas pipelines, 20 land terminals, 27 waterway terminals and a fleet of 57 oil tankers.

We move the energy that is vital for Brazil’s development. We transport and store fuels on the international market through Transpetro International BV (TI BV).


*Data from 2018

For more information, see our annual reports.

Gross operating revenue

BRL 8,839 mi


BRL 1,424.2 mi


*This indicator does not consider impairments.

Net worth

BRL 3,432 mi

Total cargo transported

Maritime Transport: 89.1 million metric tons of oil, byproducts and ethanol/year.

Gas pipelines: 64.8 million m³ of gas/day.

Storage capacity

Tanks and Spheres:  10.24 million m³.

Pipelines and Terminals

Total pipelines operated:

14,873 km, of which:

7,719 km of oil pipelines;

7,155 km of gas pipelines.

Total of 47 terminals, of which:

20 ground terminals;

27 waterway terminals, including three Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) regasification terminals: Pecém (CE), TRBA (BA) and Guanabara Bay (RJ).

Maritime Transport

Fleet with 57 ships.