Transpetro performance has been a reason of pride. And the society recognition is translated into many awards  won in Brazil and abroad.

In the last years, the Company has grown, adopted new technologies and modernized itself. It has increased, as never before, the quality and safety standards in operation.  For Transpetro, modernity became a synonym of competitiveness and capacity of flying higher and higher. This effort, a result of careful planning that covers the Country’s highest interests, was recognized through important awards.


Certificado Empresa Cidadã (Citizen Company Certificate) – The Regional Accounting Committee of Rio de Janeiro (CRC-RJ) has awarded Transpetro with the Certificado de Empresa Cidadã. In addition to contributions to society and to the environment, the balance from Transpetro assesses investments such as food, private pension plans, health, education, culture, capacitation and professional development of the workforce. The Certificado Empresa Cidadã has been created with the purpose of valuing and encouraging participation of accounting professionals in publishing of the social and environmental actions from Brazilian companies.

Melhores e Maiores de Transporte (Transportation Biggest and Best) – Performed by the Transporte Moderno magazine, the award has chosen Transpetro as the Biggest Maritime and Fluvial Transportation Operator, in the net operational revenue category. The Maiores e Melhores de Transporte 2014 ranking has evaluated revenues from 1048 companies from 22 different transportation categories. Nine criteria define de classification of companies: net operational revenue, net patrimony, net profit, current ratio, general debt, revenue profitability, net patrimony profitability, capital productivity and increase of income.

ADVB/SC Award – Transpetro was awarded for the Green Belt Project of the São Francisco do Sul Terminal (SC) under the Environmental Preservation category. The award was delivered by the Brazilian Marketing and Sales Directors Association (ADVB), de of Santa Catarina.

The Best of Dinheiro 2014 – The award, promoted by the Istoé Dinheiro Magazine, elected Transpetro as the Country’s best company in the transport sector. The award recognizes organizations in the financial, social responsibility, sustainability and environment, innovation and quality and corporate governance aspects, in a broad analysis of the performance of companies and the economy in Brazil.

Child-Friendly Company – In 2014, Transpetro was once more recognized as a Child-Friendly Company by the Abrinq Foundation, confirming the importance of actions developed by the Company in favor of children and teenagers. The Program mobilizes and recognizes organizations whose social actions promote and defend the rights of people in these age groups.

Statement of Corporate Commitment to Combat Sexual Violence against Children - Demonstrating its commitment to society and to sustainable development of the communities where it operates, Transpetro adhered to the Declaration of Commitment on Corporate Combat Sexual Violence against Children and Adolescents. Thus, the Company agrees to extend the agenda of corporate social responsibility through the completion of actions to sensitize its employees and supply chains in the disclosure of complaint channels such as Dial 100, and other topics relating to the rights of children and adolescents. Moreover, Transpetro undertakes to maintain contractual clauses to reject any form of sexual exploitation, and ensure monitoring of these commitments made.

ADVB/PE Top of Marketing Award – The award-winning Project “Refine to preserve” (“Re-refinar para preservar”), supported by Transpetro, is developed with fishermen from São Sebastião. It seeks to avoid the risk of accidental disposal of burnt oil in the ocean, helping to maintain the quality of the water and the fish. From the industrial refinement process, leftovers are transformed into basic oil and, again, into raw material, eliminating risks to the environment and generating income. The award, granted by the Brazilian Marketing and Sales Directors Association (ADVB), contemplates corporate social responsibility projects and actions of respect for the environment, in the local and national scenario, developed for the internal audience or for the community.