Transpetro Ombudsman

The Ombudsman was created in 2003 by the Transpetro Presidency to mark a new phase in the Company’s stakeholder relations. In 2005, it was incorporated into the Transpetro organizational structure through a Board of Directors ruling (CA Minutes 86, agenda No. 23, item 1, dated 11/25/2005).

For the purpose of ensuring stronger performance, with a greater degree of independence and autonomy within the Company, the Ombudsman became linked to the Board of Directors as of 2008 (CA Minutes 110, agenda 26, item 2.3, dated 11/25/2008). This action was aligned with the Petrobras System, which sees its ombudsmen as instruments to improve management policies.

The purpose of the Ombudsman is to preserve rights, urge citizenship and the appreciation of human rights, and is also one of the main instruments to encourage transparency and the ethical principles of the Petrobras System.


The Petrobras System Reporting Channel is an independent, confidential and impartial tool that is available for all external and internal stakeholders of the Petrobras System.

Reports, whether on fraud, corruption, money laundering, harassment, discrimination or any other irregularity, can be made on the website, or by phone at 0800 601 6925.

Reports can be filed anonymously, since the channel uses a system that does not permit tracking the reporting party. Exceptions include cases involving behavioral issues (physical or psychological violence and moral or sexual harassment), which by nature require identification.

The channel operates 24 hours per day, with service in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

With a focus on obtaining Transpetro data that are of a collective or general interest, the purpose of the SIC is to facilitate public access to information, pursuant to the Information Access Law (Law 12.527, dated 11/18/2011), regulated by Ordinance 7.724, dated 5/16/2012.

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Relationship channel with internal and external target audiences. It is used to receive messages such as questions on Company business, public exams, compliments, suggestions, requests, criticism and complaints.

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