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Pipeline Thefts

Tender Announcement

Coari receives national recognition at the 2023 Antaq Award

Transpetro wins Companies that Best Communicate with Employees Award (PEMCC)

Transpetro announces earnings of R$ 498 million in 2023

Pioneering in energy transition

Pride and emotion mark the celebration of 40 years of operations at the Suape Waterway Terminal

Transpetro executes unique simultaneous operation with five ships at the Itaqui Port

Transpetro Terminal in Angra dos Reis closes out 2023 with historic records

Rio Pipeline: business environment and technical content marked the event

Transpetro mobilizes communities in 13 States to celebrate Safety Day on the Easement Strips

Transpetro launches event for Safety Day on the Easement Strip in 13 Brazilian states

Transpetro approves Márcio Guimarães as new Engineering and Maritime and Land Technology Director

Transpetro Terminal gets awarded at the 4th Edition of the Portos + Brazil Awards

Operational safety and efficiency success experiences are highlights of Rio Pipeline

Transpetro highlights project developed in the Amazon forest during the second day of Rio Pipeline

Transpetro announces technology investments during Rio Pipeline 2023

Transpetro sponsors Rio Pipeline 2023 Conference

President Sérgio Bacci completes 100 days in office

We signed an agreement to support indigenous communities in the Amazon region

28/06: International LGBTQIA+ Pride Day

Transpetro attends first edition of the ESG Energy Forum

Transpetro President attends signing event of the Technical Cooperation Agreement with BNDES

Transpetro in synergy with a more sustainable world

Transpetro celebrates 25 years with a plan to expand its fleet of vessels

Transpetro will resume procurement of ships

We held the 1st Compliance Meeting with Transpetro Clients and Vendors

Transpetro’s Board of Directors elects Sérgio Bacci as President

Fronape celebrates 73 years

Petrobras approves appointments for new Transpetro President and Directors

Transbel: LPG storage and handling auction with satisfactory results

Transpetro ship undergoes first bunkering with renewable fuel

Happy 2023

Our tribute to our brave professionals on this December 28, Merchant Marine Day

We achieved first place in the CGU transparency ranking

We participated as finalists for the Ser Humano 2022 Award of ABRH-RJ

Transpetro conducts annual system audit event

Transpetro conducts emergency response training at the São Sebastião Terminal (Tebar)

Transpetro simulates spill in fuel pipeline in the East Zone of SP

Transpetro joins the Business Pact for Integrity and Against Corruption

Learned lessons in the operation of maritime oil terminals

Transpetro assesses integrity risks for all management function personnel

Project 168 in Color delivers art and safety to communities

Compliance actions promote an integrity environment at Transpetro

We executed the firs transshipment operation at the Todos os Santos Bay (BA)

We leased RLAM assets after unprecedented negotiations with Acelen

Welcome, 2022!

Our port activities are recognized by Federal Government award

We received international certification for our internal audit procedures

World Maritime Day extols the importance of the sector’s workers

Luiz Eduardo Valente becomes President of Transpetro

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