In a country with more than 7 thousand km of coastline and 42 thousand km of navigable rivers, having a fleet of ships is an important strategy.

With ships, Transpetro ensures not only the transportation of the offshore production, but also of oil and oil products, liquefied oil gas and ethanol to supply the domestic and international markets.

Against this background, Transpetro is recognized in Brazil and abroad for its operational excellence, as well as for featuring one of the world's best environmental performances.

Transpetro launched the Fleet Modernization and Expansion Program (Promef) in 2004 which will further expand the carrying capacity of the Company. The investments to ensure the quality of the fleet are permanent. That is why the implementation of new technologies, the search for operational excellence and constant training of the employees have been essential tools to meet the demands of Petrobras and ensure self-sufficiency in transport logistics of oil production.