Petrobras Transporte S.A. – Transpetro is an important company for the fuel transportation and logistics sector in Brazil. Our purpose is to provide the energy that allows people and companies to achieve their potential. We operate, through the exclusive technical capacity of our workforce, in the logistics segment for oil, by-products, biofuels and and natural gas.



The best transportation and logistics company for clients in the oil, gas, and biofuel industry in Brazil, generating value with safety and respect for people and the environment.


For business and operations:


Provide logistical solutions at competitive prices, ensuring sustainability of operations, reliability, and safety, maximizing the use of assets and seeking new markets.

Develop logistical solutions for Petrobras offloading and transshipment.

Increase Transpetro’s market share in the Petrobras maritime transport through TIBV.

Increase the competitiveness of the logistics systems operated by Transpetro through the elimination of bottlenecks and through operational efficiency and cost reductions.


Develop critical competencies and competitive market culture, high performance, and meritocracy to meet new challenges.

Continuously pursue a competitive and efficient cost and investment structure, with a high standard of health, safety and respect for the environment focused on greenhouse gas emission reductions, using economic value added as a management tool.


Digitally transform the company through innovative solutions for the challenges, generating value with increases in productivity and expanded safety of operations.








Transpetro’s values represent its commitment to people, society, partners, and shareholders:

  • Respect for life, people, and the environment
  • Ethics and transparency
  • Market orientation
  • Results
  • Resilience and confidence








We are a Brazilian company with global operations, operating terminals and oil and gas pipelines in an integrated manner, in addition to maritime and land transportation, generating value to our shareholders and other stakeholders. We transport the energy that allows society to attain its potential.

Through our unique technical capacity in logistics and transportation, we undertake the storage and transportation of oil and its derivatives, natural gas, and biofuels, including import and export activities.

We are ready to meet market demands, prioritizing the efficient management of our resources without sacrificing competitiveness and safety.

The company was founded on 12 June 1998 and is currently structured into two business areas: Pipelines and Terminals and Maritime Transportation. In the international market we operate through Transpetro International BV (TI BV). With installations in 17 of the 27 states, we are present in all regions of Brazil, both in the interior and on the coast. We have accumulated knowhow during this trajectory, constantly investing in the training of our employees. We develop our activities with safety, efficiency, and strategic vision.


What we do

We store and transport oil and its derivatives, biofuels, and natural gas natural to the most remote locations in Brazil. Billions of liters of fuel flow through a network of 8,5 thousand kilometers of oil and gas pipelines and 49 terminals (21 land and 28 waterway) and a fleet of 36 vessels in operation. In the international market we also operate through Transpetro International BV (TI BV).


*Financial information pertaining to fiscal year 2021.

See also our annual reports.


Net income


R$ 1,237 million.

Capital Stock

R$ 2,846 million, represented by 5,000,000 shares, subscribed and paid-in by Petrobras.



Ebitda* (Lajida)


 R$ 3,623 million.



Operational Cash Flow


R$ 2,526 million.


Cargo Handled

Maritime Transportation: 58 million m³ of oil and derivatives/year.
Terminals and Oil Pipelines: 601 million m³ of oil, derivatives, and ethanol/year.
Gas Pipelines: 60 million m³ of natural gas/day.

Storage capacity

Tanks and Spheres:  10 million m³.

Pipelines and terminals


Total pipelines operated: 8,5 km, of which:

7,768 km of oil pipelines;
625 km of gas pipelines.

Total of 49 terminals, of which:

21 land terminals;
28 waterway terminals, including 3 Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) regasification  terminals: Pecém (CE), TRBA (BA) and Guanabara Bay (RJ).


Maritime Transportation

Fleet with 36 vessels.