In case of emergencies, questions, reports and problems in the vicinity of the units and the Transpetro pipeline easement strips, call 168.

Service on 168 is free and available 24/7.

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Emergencies, questions, reports and problems

In case of emergencies, questions, reports and problems in the vicinity of the units and the Transpetro pipeline easement strips, call 168. We are also available on WhatsApp at +55 (21) 999920-168.

Service on 168 is free and available 24/7. .

In order to act as quickly as possible and with maximum efficiency in emergency situations, Transpetro has Emergency Response Centers (CREs), which are facilities equipped with material and human resources at the Company’s operating units. There are currently 51 CREs and 17 advanced bases spread along the pipeline easement strips throughout the country. .

These units have equipment and personnel trained in the operation of several existing resources, such as collection vessels, containment barriers and absorbers, as well as firefighting equipment. .

However, the CRE team is not only ready to operate in emergency situations: They are constantly developing several different preventive activities, such as maintenance planning, team training and the constant pursuit of excellence in emergency response. .

Transpetro relies on your help. Keep an eye on the pipelines! Immediately contact Transpetro by phone at 168 or via WhatsApp at +55 (21) 999920-168 if you see: .

  • Suspicious movement near the Transpetro area;
  • Presence of cars and people with hoses and other equipment;
  • Strong smell of fuel. Move away from the location and call right away;
  • Fuel trucks close to the Transpetro area;
  • Embankments giving way, erosion by rain, large trees that have fallen, or any other
  • emergency situation caused by an act of nature.

In case of emergencies, authorizations, questions and complaints, Contact Transpetro by phone at 168 or WhatsApp at +55 (21) 999920-168. We are ready to investigate what is happening and answer your request. Count on Transpetro.

If you are a Transpetro customer, access the following pamphlet with guidance on how to request services.

Commercial Contact for Pipelines and Terminals Call +55 (21) 3211-9086.

Commercial Contact for Maritime Shipping Contact us via email.

The Supplier Channel is intended to provide information and offer support services to companies that are already suppliers or that wish to supply goods or render services to Transpetro.

The ‘Hiring Rules’ area contains information from Transpetro to facilitate the understanding of No. Law 13.303/16, the State-Owned Enterprise Law.

In ‘How to register’, interested parties will find information on supplying Goods and Services (over BRL 50,000.00) and also on Transpetro Simplified Registration, which refers to the Goods and Services supplier registration process (up to BRL 50,000.00).

Services to update registration data for those that are already Transpetro suppliers are available in ‘Support Services for Suppliers’, such as: Banking data, Updating registration data (Phone, Corporate Name, Emails, etc.) and Invoice Payment.

Access the Supplier Channel

This space is destined for Transpetro’s relationship with Communication outlets.

Avenida Presidente Vargas, 328 - Centro
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
ZIP Code (CEP): 20.091-060

Phones exclusively for service to the press:
(21) 3211-7204
(21) 3211-7600

Email exclusively for service to the press.

If you would like more information on Transpetro, in addition to that available on our website, use the Citizen Information Service (SIC) form.

You can also call +55 (21) 3211-9282 or send an email.

Transpetro’s Citizen Information Service (SIC) is available for public service from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Citizen Information Service Page.

The Ombudsman intends to preserve rights, urge citizenship and the appreciation of human rights, and is also one of the main instruments to encourage transparency and the ethical principles of the Petrobras System.

Letter to the Transpetro Ombudsman:
Av. Presidente Vargas, 328, 2º andar
Centro - Rio de Janeiro - RJ. ZIP Code (CEP): 20090-901.

For other questions, information, suggestions or complaints, check the Frequently Asked Questions or fill out the following form:

Reports, whether on fraud, corruption, money laundering, harassment, discrimination or any other irregularity, can be made on the website at, or by phone 0800 601 6925.

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