Pioneering in energy transition

Confirming its commitment with the transition to cleaner and sustainable energy sources, Transpetro inaugurated the first photovoltaic solar plant capable of supplying 100% of an industrial plant of the Petrobras system. With the representatives from upper management and the local workforce, the event was held Wednesday morning (4/3) at the Guarulhos Terminal in São Paulo (SP).

The pioneering project is part of the company investments in energy transition and decarbonization in its business areas. Operating in the electrical power compensation system, the solar plant will reduce in 84% the energy cost of the terminal already in the first month. The forecasted annual savings are approximately R$ 1.8 million. The investment of Transpetro in the plant was R$ 12 million.

“We want to remain in the group of companies in the forefront of the changes in the Brazilian energy grid, offering sustainable solutions that bring solid decarbonization results. This is why we are investing in actions that contribute to the development of a low carbon economy. We have a commitment to people and the environment, and this project is part of that”, stated the company President, Sérgio Bacci, at the occasion.

Sustainable Terminal

The plant has working power of 2,000 kW, which represents the consumption of approximately 600 residences. The plant will produce sufficient energy to meet the operation requirements of the Guarulhos Terminal, the pipelines for delivery of derivatives to fuel and aviation kerosene distribution companies to the Guarulhos International Airport in addition to the Roadway Loading Base of Guarulhos (Baguar). The solar plant prevents the emission of 246 tons a years of greenhouse gases at the unit.

“In addition to the financial aspects, the project demonstrates we are managing the business with a focus on generating value and expanding our positive impact on society. We are committed to the transition to cleaner energy sources so as to accelerate the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases in our businesses”, stated the Director of Pipelines and Terminals, Márcio Guimarães.

In addition to the photovoltaic solar plant, the Guarulhos Terminal has projects for rainwater collection as service water; installation of a vapor recovery system (URV) at the , Roadway Loading Base of Guarulhos (Baguar) and social projects with the surrounding communities. Together these initiatives elevate the terminal to the level of “sustainable terminal” for ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and new technologies.

“The Guarulhos Terminal is one of the reference units of Transpetro for studies and implementation of disruptive sustainability initiatives and new technologies. From the successful work that we developed in these assets, we can spread them to other terminals”, explained the Executive Manager for Pipelines and Terminals Operations South, São Paulo and Center, Keurrie Cipriano.

The plant in numbers

• 33 thousand m² built area;

• 700 meters perimeter (surrounded by fencing and concertina wire);

• 22,800 meters of cables for interconnecting the installed solar panels;

• 2,800 kW maximum power of panels;

• 2,000 kW working power;

• R$ 1.8 million a year saved in energy costs;

• Total investment of R$ 12 million;

• Capacity to supply 600 residences;

• 246 t less carbon emissions to the atmosphere annually.