Pride and emotion mark the celebration of 40 years of operations at the Suape Waterway Terminal

The Suape Waterway Terminal completed 40 years of operations on 22 February. To celebrate this important historical mark, the upper management of the company, the workforce of the unit and union representatives gathered on the date to highlight the important strategic activity of the unit in the oil and derivatives logistics chain in the Northeast region.

At the opening of the celebration, the Terminal Manager, Francisco Araújo, emphasized that Suape is the unit that operates with the most ships among the company terminals, with approximately 70 ship operations monthly. The terminal also registered records in handling and regional supply and consequently serviced thousands of people. “It is important that each of us can see ourselves within this context, from the most extreme activity on the pier, though the internal activities to the terminal and arriving at the pipeline easement strips. We have very promising plans here. We will operate ever more aligned, strengthening the pillars of our company such as safety and the valuing of personnel and the environment” he stressed.

The President of Transpetro, Sérgio Bacci, emphasized the strategic role of the unit. “40 years ago the start of oil and derivative logistics operations created a new horizon for the economy of Pernambuco and consolidated the Petrobras System activities in the Northeast”. The President further thanked the contribution of the workforce to the results attained by the company last year. “Many thanks to each Transpetro worker. You are responsible for the company having its best results in history in 2023. Congratulations to you, who have made this unit the terminal that services the most ships in Brazil” he stated.

Sérgio Bacci also inaugurated plaques in celebration of the 40 years since the first operation executed at the Suape Terminal and the future auditorium of the terminal, which will be named in honor of a former terminal employee, Luiz Antônio Lourenzon.

The Director of Pipelines and Terminals, Marcio Guimarães, noted the important activity the terminal will perform in the imminent logistic scenario planned in Pernanbuco”. The works to expand the Abreu e Lima Refinery (RNEST) will double the production of this refining unit and make us more independent regarding diesel. It is essential each one understands how important your work is in this mechanism for everything to work”, he mentioned.


The event was attended by retired employees who worked during these four decades of operation of the unit, such as former operations supervisor Acácio Soares, who worked in the terminal for 38 years.  In his speech representing the former employees, he emphasized the evolution of the company regarding safety of personnel and the installations.

Moved, Leonor Borges,  Sector Manager for Safety and Health of the terminal, was grateful for the opportunity to work at the company. “I notice the evolution of feminine participation in our maintenance, operation and construction activities, including leadership positions, which places us in alignment with 21st Century society, where we see feminine empowerment and diversity and inclusion issues as essential” she stated.

Technician and “cordel” (chapbook) author, Valdecy Vascurado, was applauded by the over 300 employees present, after reciting a “cordel” poem about the strategic operation of the Suape Terminal and its teams over the last four decades. There were also presentations by the Brillart dance company, which emphasized aspects of the Pernanbuco culture.

The Sindipetro and FUP representative, Diego Liberalino, paid tribute to former terminal employee, Luiz Antônio Lourenzon. “I give a special thanks to someone who is no longer among us, but left a legacy to all workers, my companion Luiz Antônio Lourenzon. Without him, maybe, we would not have made it to these 40 years”.

The FUP Director, Tezeu Bezerra, also honored the colleague. “Lourenzon was generous and had a heart filled with compassion and love for this fellow citizen, which didn’t keep him from his firm views regarding the social injustices prevalent in our society”.