Transpetro executes unique simultaneous operation with five ships at the Itaqui Port

Transpetro executed a unique and simultaneous operation with five ships at the Itaqui Port in Maranhão. The activity occurred last weekend (1/20 and 21) at four berths of the company in São Luís, handling of fuel oil, liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and diesel S10. The operation, which would require about 5 days if not executed in synchronized manner lasted approximately 48 hours, reducing the time and cost of vessel permanence.   

The handling occurred at berths 102, 104, 106 and 108. The vessel Darcy Ribeiro of Transpetro was among the participating ships. “The operation demonstrates the capacity of our ships and the professionalism and competence of the crews. Thus we were able to optimize operations and ensure benefits to Transpetro in safe and efficient manner during a complex activity for which we have expertise and involves various areas of the company”, explains the Executive Manager of Ship Operations, Luiz Cláudio Menezes.   

Among the various actions adopted in the São Luiz Terminal over the last two years are the transfers between ships, also known as ship to ship (STS), which are notable for ensuring greater agility in the product handling process. The use of this modality allows for a cost reduction for oil and derivative logistics of up to 30%.  

The Operations Sector Manager of  Transpetro in São Luís, José Carlos de Souza Júnior, emphasized the logistics efficiency and the capacity of the company to meet the increasing demand for fuels in the region.” We are striving to offer efficient solutions to our clients. We are working hard to prioritize the reduction of bottlenecks, increasing flexibility and reducing the wait time of the ships, which directly impacts cost reductions."   

The company has also installed new port pipelines on Berth 108 and rehabilitated the fuel oil pipelines on Berth 102. “ These initiatives are an integral part of Transpetro’s commitment to strengthen its infrastructure and services, which was essential for the execution of all these operations”, highlights the Terminal Manager for Maranhão and Pará, José Alisson Sousa e Silva.

The São Luís Terminal is the largest for diesel handling in Brazil, performing an important role in the supply and service of the regional demand for fuel and aiding in the consolidation of the Itaqui Port as a strategic logistics hub in the North and Northeast region of Brazil. 

Transpetro is the largest provider in Brazil of oil and derivatives transfer operations, also known as ship to ship, operating in 12 localities and responsible for over more than 60% of domestic operations in 2023 alone.