We opened our Simulator Center to the market in a virtual seminar




Starting this month, our Simulator Center is open to serve its clients. For the purpose of presenting the companies in the market with competitive advantages in state of the art technological resources for training seagoing teams, we are holding the virtual seminary Anticipating the Future of Maritime Activities with the Use of Simulators on 9/2.

Through this webinar, attended by approximately 250 persons and by renowned partner institutions in the market, it was possible to present the resources available in our simulators and to conduct a tour of the virtually reproduced environments. We also shared lessons learned and debated views regarding the interaction between people and technology.

During the opening of the event, Jair Toledo, our Maritime Transportation Director, emphasized the importance of the training service we are now offering clients, since much of this training was not offered in Brazil previously. “We are open to developing partnerships in the use of our simulators, with 100% Brazilian technology that has received various awards and has international certification granted by the Norwegian classification society  Det Norske Veritas (DNV-GL). The use of simulators may significantly assist in the development of the fleet operating in the country, with an increase in safety standards and in reliability of the operations, as well as acceleration the career development of the maritime workers”, he explained.

Our Executive Manager of Human Resources, Cláudia Padilha, noted the excellence of the Simulator Center. “Now the market will have the opportunity of benefitting from our technological advantages. Thus we will contribute to the development and competitiveness of our business and the businesses of other companies”, she stated. Cláudia further announced an opportunity exclusive to the webinar attendees; participation in onsite sessions for simulator demonstrations, at the Transpetro Academy in Rio de Janeiro,  with limited attendance due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All recommendations and directives from sanitation authorities will also be followed.

During the seminar we presented the training already available, in which it is possible to model any desired scenario in the simulators, customizing the courses according to the training objectives, and using virtual reality. Our greatest differential is in the integration between the nautical and machine simulators; we are the only ones in Brazil to offer this technology. Our Maritime and Waterways simulator (SMH) was the first in Brazil to receive the “A” classification from DNV-GL, and our instructors are certified by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The SMH may also be used for engineering analyses, due to its mathematical accuracy.

Partners in the development of our simulators, the University of São Paulo (USP) and Technomar, a technology based Brazilian company, also made technical presentation. Also on the list of external speakers were representatives of the Brazilian Decision Making Institute, (IBTD) and the Almirante Graça Aranha Instruction Center (Ciaga) of the Navy. Furthermore there was the announcement of the partnership with STC International, leading school for port logistics and management in the world, headquartered in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Among the subjects covered are Simulators in Control Projects, Technical Standards and Parameters, Accuracy and Reliability in Vessel Maneuvering and Decision Making: Connecting People and Machinery.