Inland Terminals

The inland terminals work as warehouses for the different means of transportation, ensuring, with their storage capacity over 10 thousand m³, the reliability of supply of oil and oil products, biofuels and gas.



Receive petroleum and alcohol derivates from Guararema terminals, São Caetano do Sul and São Sebastião, and from Vale do Paraíba (Revap), Paulínia (Replan) and Capuava (Recap) refineries. The terminal stores and performs road loading of gasoline, diesel fuel, anhydrous and hydrous alcohol and QVA-1, by Petrobras Distributor operator base, supplying the consumer market in the region. Beyond that, it transfers aviation kerosene to supply São Paulo International Airport (Cumbica).



Estrada Municipal, 692 
Distrito Industrial Cumbica, Guarulhos, São Paulo 
CEP 07215-040   



Derivatives, alcohol, biodiesel

Quantity 19
Rated Capacity (m³) 166.176