Waterway Terminals

The Transpetro waterways terminals are operated by piers, monobuoys or mooring system.



It supplies Pará and Amapá states. Beyond its own tankage, it shares shifting and storage services the tankage of the Petrobras distributor. Miramar Port and the transference pipes are Pará Docks Company's (CDP) property. It transports dark products in Vila do Conde Terminal and performs transshipment at Outeiro Terminal.



Av. Salgado Filho, s/n
CEP 66115-225
Val-de-Cães - Miramar - Belém/PA


Product Derivatives, alcohol and biodiesel
Quantity 3
Capacidade Nominal (m³) 37.899
Product LPG
Quantity 2
Rated Capacity (m³) 6.360
Berthing Points
Pier Pier 1 Pier 2
Draft (m) 7,5 7,5
LOA (m) 140 200
DWT 15.000 45.000