Waterway Terminals

The Transpetro waterways terminals are operated by piers, monobuoys or mooring system.



The Offloading od Ships carrying diesel oil onto floating tanks, the BS7 Barge, and from there to the relief barges of the Distribuiting Companies, wich supplies the consumption of diesel oil within the region surrounding the capital of the State of Amapá, Macapá. The diesel oil used for highway and, mainly, for the generation of electrical energy for the State of Amapá.



Rua Cláudio Monteiro, 1380
CEP 68925-974
Santana - Macapá/AP


Product Derivatives, alcohol and biodiesel
Quantity 1
Rated Capacity (m³)     6.000
Berthing Points
Pier Pier 1 Pier 2
Draft (m) 12 11
LOA - -
DWT 60.000 60.000