Waterway Terminals

The Transpetro waterways terminals are operated by piers, monobuoys or mooring system.




It is the entry ans exit of products of Lubrificantes e Derivados de Petróleo do Nordeste (Lubnor). Through its pier circulate ships with petroleum, lubricants, petroleum liquefied gas (LGP), diesel fuel, gasoline, QAV1, MF and MGO to Lubnor and to the distributor companies in order to supply the local market. It supplies ships with bunker at the commercial platform of Mucuripe Port (Fortaleza).



Petróleo Brasileiro S/A Lubnor-SESMIT. 
Av Leite Barbosa, s/n
CEP 60180-420


Berthing Points
Darft (m) 11 12
LOA (m) 210 200
DWT 40.000 50.000