Waterway Terminals

The Transpetro waterways terminals are operated by piers, monobuoys or mooring system.



Of paramount importance for circulating petroleum and gas produced by Petrobras in the Urucu region. It receives petroleum and GLP from Petrobras UN-BSOL, through Rio Solimões (Orsol I) Pipeline, then stocks and dispenses ir to petroleum supply of Manaus (Reman) refinery and to supply the GLP market supply in Pará, Rondônia, Maranhão and part of Ceará and Pernambuco.



Lugarejo de Porto Urucu, s/n 
CEP 69460-000
Margem Direita - Zona Rural - Coari/AM


Product Oil Derivatives, alcohol and biodiesel
Quantity 3 1
Rated Capacity (m³) 60.000 275
Product LPG  
Rated Capacity (m³)     19.551  
Berthing Points
Pier POF1 POF2
Draft (m) 10,3 10,3
LOA (m) 180 180
DWT 30.000 30.000