Waterway Terminals

The Transpetro waterways terminals are operated by piers, monobuoys or mooring system.



Operates with tank trucks for transportation of diesel fuel and gasoline directly to distributors, besides petroleum and alcohol. Products' circulation aims to supply Alagoas State, Petrobras' refineries and countries that import alcohol.



Av. Industrial Cícero Toledo, s/n
CEP 57025-150
Cais do Porto - Jaraguá - Maceió/AL


Product Oil Derivatives, alcohol and biodiesel
Quantity 4 6
Rated Capacity (m³) 26.155 30.049
Berthing Points
Píer Píer 1 Píer 2
Draft (m) 10,5 10,5
LOA (m) 210 210
DWT 55.000 55.000